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Vanillecreme Schnitten 200g Beutel

Manner Vanilla Cream Wafers 200g

Love vanilla? Then pay attention

Manner Vanilla Wafers are an irresistible temptation. Crispy, delicate wafers and a light vanilla cream filling are the perfect taste combination. Using only the best ingredients and baked to the original Manner recipe, our wafers guarantee Manner’s proven premium quality. The handy 200 g bag is perfect for relaxed moments of indulgence at home or for a shared coffee break at work.
In line with our Manner quality guarantee, we don’t use any artificial colours or preservatives.

Did you know??

“Bourbon” is a type of vanilla: it has an intense, warm and rounded aroma and is especially popular in Europe. By the way, the name comes from Île Bourbon, the French governed island, which is now known as Réunion, and this variety is now primarily grown in Africa.