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Manner Cubidoo Standbeutel

Cubidoo Chocolate-Coated Wafer Pieces

Tasty wafer-chocolate cubes - sweet and crispy!

This reclosable crispy treat is perfect for the office, the movies, or when driving. Manner Cubidoos are bite-sized crispy wafer pieces. The reclosable packages creates a movie theater atmosphere wherever you are. The candy snacks are made up of three tender wafers baked according to Manner’s 120-year tradition, filled with the beloved Original Manner Neapolitan Hazelnut Cream and covered in milk chocolate.

Did you know?

The milk chocolate layer of Manner Cubidoos is added using a coating process in which the wafer pieces are placed in a rotating pot and covered in liquid chocolate. The rotating motion produces the typically uneven effect all around the wafer.

Cubidoos are produced in accordance with the Manner quality guarantee and the principles of sustainable cocoa farming.