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The Birth of a Confectionary Classic!


“Yesterday we finally received the hazelnuts from Naples - a delivery we had been expecting for days. Today we started with the series production of the new wafers. We have come up with a few variations already. I don't want to make any predictions yet – but personally, I think the Neapolitan Wafers No. 239 are particularly exceptional!"

The bite-sized Manner wafers, originally named “Neapolitan Wafers No. 239,” were captivating from the very first day. Apart from the delicious taste, they were also the perfect solution to our vision "offering chocolate for everyone – high quality at an affordable price.” Soon, everybody at the company – from the production workers to the sales team – had the same unmistakable feeling that this product would make history.

And I am proud that, more than 100 years later, everone can play a role in our story too!