Manner Lemon Cream Wafers 75g

Lemon Cream Wafers
  • vegan

  • Roasted by us in Vienna
  • Produced without hydrogenated fats
  • Free from artificial colourings and preservatives

Sweet and sour a la Manner

A wonderfully fruity blend of lemon and wafer! As with Manner’s classic Original Neapolitan Wafers, Lemon Cream Wafers have been a favorite of both young and old for many decades!
Five layers of crispy wafer are filled with fresh and fruity lemon for a unique taste sensation. The bite-sized shape was designed by the company’s founder Josef Manner I back in 1898 and has remained to this day.

Did you know?

The lemon is a hybrid of bitter orange and citron that probably originated in the north of India. Today, India, Mexico, and China are the world’s largest producers. Two million tons of lemons are produced each year in India alone. Manner Lemon Cream Wafers contain natural lemon flavoring and real lemon powder. A true fruit delight!

Manner Lemon Cream Wafers are produced in accordance with the Manner quality guarantee.

Nutrition and allergen-related information
ø 100g
Calories508 kcal
of which saturated fat22g
of which sugar45g
Bread units5,41 BE
  • dairy free

  • nut free

  • gluten free

  • soy free

  • lactose free

  • egg free