Manner Chocolate Cream Wafers 200g

Food preferences*

  • vegan

  • vegetarian

Food intolerances*

    • dairy free

    • nut free

    • gluten free

    • soy free

    • lactose free

    • egg free

Manner Chocolate Cream Wafers 200g

Chocoholics will love Manner Chocolate Cream Wafers!

5 crispy wafers with the finest chocolate cream filling provide an exceptional taste experience, which will impress chocolate lovers everywhere. 
The handy 200 g bag is perfect for relaxed moments of indulgence at home or for a shared coffee break at work.

Did you know?

For our Manner Chocolate Cream Wafers, we only use cocoa beans from sustainable sources, which are then roasted in-house.
Manner Chocolate Cream Wafers are manufactured in accordance with the principles of our Manner quality guarantee. The special attention given to the selection of ingredients and the roasting process guarantee that our Manner Chocolate Cream Wafers have an amazing flavour.

Nutrition and allergen-related information
ø 100g
Calories515 kcal
of which saturated fat23g
of which sugar31g
Bread units4,92 BE