Manner Chocolate Cream-Filled Wafers 75g

Food preferences*

  • vegan

  • vegetarian

Food intolerances*

    • dairy free

    • nut free

    • gluten free

    • soy free

    • lactose free

    • egg free

Chocolate Cream-Filled Wafers

For chocolate fans, Manner wafers are also available with a chocolate cream filling.

Five layers of crispy wafer are filled with delicious Manner chocolate cream for a real taste sensation. The bite-sized shape was designed by the company’s founder Josef Manner I back in 1898 and has remained to this day.

Manner Chocolate Cream-Filled Wafers are produced in accordance with the Manner quality guarantee and the principles of sustainable cocoa farming.

Nutrition and allergen-related information
ø 100gOne unit ø 15g%GDA* (15g)
Calories505 kcal76 kcal4
of which saturated fat17,1g2,6g
of which sugar40,8g6,1g7
Bread units5,07 BE BE