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Responsible use of natural resources

Made locally, with decadent vegan options, and fairly traded!

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Our wafers were vegan before anybody even knew the term!

Manner Neapolitan Wafers have even become Hollywood stars, thanks to the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and have proudly assumed the role of our most popular vegan product. In fact, they were already vegan as far back as 1898, when they first appeared in Manner Confectioneries’ product catalogue under the rather sober name “Neapolitaner Schnitte No. 239”.

... and that’s how they’ve remained to this day! 


On average, customers enjoy two packets of Manner Wafers every second. They have been available in perfectly crispy bite-size pieces and presented in the same way according to the original recipe for more than 100 years.

They couldn’t possibly get any better, right? Oh yes, they could!

Since 2020, Manner has been using 100% certified sustainable cocoa in every one of its branded products. Then, 2021 saw the next important step in terms of sustainability, when all Manner Wafers were awarded the popular FAIRTRADE cocoa label.

Fairtrade Cacao X Manner


What is behind the FAIRTRADE cocoa label?

Products bearing the FAIRTRADE label are grown and traded according to the international standards of Fairtrade International.

The FAIRTRADE standards are the set of rules that smallholder co-operatives and companies along the entire value chain have to adhere to and that are changing the way we trade. They include minimum social, ecological and economic requirements to safeguard the sustainable growth of producer organisations in developing countries.

Why Fairtrade makes the difference

Financial stability for smallholder families

Fairtrade improves the livelihoods of smallholder families as the majority of Fairtrade products are sold at a fixed minimum price. On top of the fixed minimum price, the smallholders also earn the Fairtrade premium, which is invested in a project of their choice.

Improved working conditions

In producing Fairtrade products, care is also taken to ensure that employees are guaranteed good working conditions and are able to take paid overtime and holidays. Employees are also entitled to freedom of association and trade union rights. Child labour or discrimination are also strictly prohibited. 

Environmental protection

Because Fairtrade products are grown in an environmentally friendly way and natural resources are protected, they promote the preservation of our natural environment. In addition to that, dangerous pesticides and genetically modified seeds are prohibited. Fairtrade also ensures that water consumption is regulated and helps to promote the installation of proper irrigation systems.

Fairtrade Reise Manner


Improving the world with Fairtrade cocoa – one wafer at a time

Manner, a company steeped in tradition, visited Ivory Coast in Africa with FAIRTRADE Austria to talk to farmers, cooperatives and FAIRTRADE Africa about challenges, project ideas and achievements in the cultivation of FAIRTRADE cocoa. After all, with cocoa accounting for almost 30% of the raw materials that Manner uses, it is one of the key areas of Manner’s sustainability strategy. To tackle the huge challenges in cocoa cultivation – from poverty and child labour to climate change – Manner relies on FAIRTRADE to ensure sustainable product responsibility. 

FT Reise Manner 4

Supporting FAIRTARDE and its commitment to sustainability is a cause that Manner is truly passionate about, which is why, back in 2012, Manner committed to switching to sustainable cocoa in all its branded products by 2020, and was one of the first in the industry to do so. All Manner Wafers and associated products, the Casali Chocolate Banana range, the Victor Schmidt Mozartkugeln and, since 2022, the Napoli Dragee Keksi are produced locally in Austria using FAIRTRADE-certified cocoa. Not only that, Manner makes all of its chocolate from bean to bar in-house. After all, high-quality chocolate is the beating heart of the confectionery classics. 

FT Reise Manner 3

“I was left deeply impressed and also touched because our week-long cocoa-partner trip from Abidjan to Gagnoa and Divo highlighted just how important our commitment...

FT Reise Manner 4 fair cocoa farming is. The minimum price for cocoa, i.e. the fair remuneration of cocoa farmers, and the FAIRTRADE premium that enables schools and...


...wells to be built and women’s advancement programmes to be initiated are the cornerstones of this fair partnership.”

-Mag. Karin Steinhart (Head of Corporate Communications Manner)