Production Sites

As a family-owned business, Manner is manufacturing its products exclusively in Austria. In our production sites in Vienna and Lower Austria we employ around 700 people. Here they produce high quality products for brands such as Manner, Casali, Napoli, Ildefonso and Victor Schmidt. Made in Austria, sold and loved in the whole world.

Manner Shop 17


Approximately 400 employees work in the headquarters in the 17th Viennese district. The building has been the main plant and the company headquarters since the founding of the Josef Manner Comp AG.

Already before World War I it was built to the size it is today and houses the most modern production facilities.  Manner wafers, biscuits, sponge fingers and gingerbread are carefully produced here.  Chocolate production for the so popular Manner chocolates and couvertures as well as chocolate icing for our products is also carried out here. Production, by the way, is carried out using the raw materials - the cocoa bean, something quite special in Austria!

Josef Manner & Comp. AG
Wilhelminenstrasse 6
1170 Vienna


Wolkersdorf (Lower Austria)

Wolkersdorf is a small community in the north of Vienna.  The factory has belonged to Manner since 1996 and has been continually expanded upon over the past few years. The most modern building technology and facilities are used.

Production carried out is foamy sugar goods, dragees, pralines and seasonal articles.  Austrian confectionery classics such as Casali chocolate bananas, Casali Rum-Kokos, Napoli Dragee Keksi, but also Victor Schmidt Mozartkugeln and Ildefonso pralines are produced by approximately 260 employees with the greatest care in the Wolkersdorf site.

Josef Manner & Comp AG
Johann-Galler-Straße 9
2120 Wolkersdorf