Manner AG

Manner shop on Vienna's Stephansplatz

"Chocolate for everyone“ was Josef Manner I's motto when founding the "Chocoladenfabrik Josef Manner“ on 1st March 1890. After being dissatisfied with the quality and the price of the chocolate being traded he quickly decided to produce the chocolate himself.

St Stephan's cathedral

Josef Manner had St Stephan's cathedral in front of his eyes all the time when he had his first shop on 6 Stephansplatz and could soon win this as his trademark. The wafer created in 1898 and known as "Neapolitan Wafer No. 239“ meant the success of the Manner brand was unstoppable.

On 18 June 2004, a shop was opened on Stephansplatz just as it was when the company was founded and the Manner brand, supplies sweet delicacies from the heart of Vienna to people from all over the world.

In the small and exclusive shop, Manner's most well-known and most popular sweet goods (Manner wafers, Austria Mozartkugeln, Casali chocolate bananas, Napoli Dragee Keksi, Casali Rum-Kokos and many more) are on offer as are fan articles. One special feature are the Neapolitan sheets delivered fresh from the factory from Monday to Friday measuring approximately 22 x 31 cm (ca. 620 g).

Opening hours

Mon.Sun.: 10:0021:00

Stephansplatz 7

A-1010 Vienna

(On the corner of Rotenturmstraße )
Tel.: +43 (0)1 513 70 18