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Questions about Manner wafers?

In 1898 the founder of the company, Josef Manner I, invented the Manner Original Neapolitan Wafer: five layers of crispy wafer, filled with four layers of the finest hazelnut cream.

In its 110 tradition the well-loved Manner Wafer has always been around for people everywhere. Available everyway, practically packed and of constant high quality the Manner wafer with its 12% hazelnut filling has established itself as a sweet ambassador and design icon. 

You can find many questions and answers on the Manner wafer. 

What makes the Manner Original Neapolitan Wafers unique?

The taste:
Five layers of crispy Manner wafers, generously filled with exquisite hazelnut and cocoa cream are responsible for the wonderful taste.  However, it is not only the delicate wafers and the high hazelnut content of 12% in the cream and the special roasting of the cocoa beans which make the Manner wafers to a confectionery classic from Austria. 

The size and shape:
Since its invention in 1898, the Manner wafer has been a bite-sized 49 x 17 x 17 millimetres.

The packaging:
Since 1960 Manner wafers have been sold in the pink pack with the red tear strip.  The air-tight double aluminium foil makes Manner wafers the ideal snack - whether hot or cold, the handy size with the ten precut wafers are perfect to share, they don't melt and are delicious!

When was the Manner wafer invented?

In 1898 the Original Manner Neapolitan Wafer appeared in a Manner product catalogue under the rather clinical name "Neapolitan Wafer No. 239“. "Neapolitan" was chosen as the hazelnuts for the cream filling between the five layers of wafer originally came from the Naples area.

Why is the Manner wafer packaging pink?

Pink was the colour chosen by the founder Josef Manner in 1898 and since then has been the Manner colour  - the colour which vouches for the highest quality of all the company's products. The pink and the flowing Manner font are a distinctive trademark.

Are Manner wafers made only in Austria?
Yes, in our headoffice in Vienna and in Perg in Upper Austria. .
How many calories are there in a packet of Manner wafers per 100 g?

A 75 g packet has 372 kcals, 100 g have 496 kcals.

Comparison: a standard milk chocolate bar has 530 kcal/100 g.

Are Manner wafers organic?
Are gluten, milk, soya or gene-manipulated ingredients used in the wafers?

Gluten is present as the wafers are made out of wheat flour.

Milk is not used in the wafers, but traces may be present as in our factory products made from milk constituents are manufactured.

Soja is present in the form of soya lecithin.


Gene manipulated food is categorically rejected by Manner.

What is the wafer dough made of?

The dough for the wafers is made from wheat flour, coconut oil, water, sodium bicarbonate and salt.

Why are the wafers so pale after baking?

The wafers are so pale to achieve their special delicateness.  The special baking starch was determined by the founder of the company and has not been changed since.

At which temperature are the wafers baked?

At about 180°C.

Are carcinogens formed while baking?
No, because the dough is baked only for a very short time.
How long is the wafer baked?

About two minutes.

From which ingredients is the cream made?
From hazelnuts, sugar, roasted (roasting carried out by Manner) cocoa, coconut fatt and vanilla.
Are Manner wafers suitable for diacetics?

In moderation they are, but there are also special Manner diet products, which are produced using fructose instead of granulated sugar.

Is this product free of lactose?
Yes, but it could contain traces of milk.  For the average person who is lactose intolerant, however, enjoying Manner wafers will cause no problems!
Where do the hazelnuts come from?
The hazelnuts in the Manner wafer cream come primarily from Turkey.  70% of the hazelnut crop comes from Turkey.
Are the raw materials Fair Trade?

No, because Manner could not purchase the large amounts necessary for production in Austria with Fair Trade products.

Are E numbers, colourings and preservatives contained in the product?

Manner wafers contain E 500, also known as baking powder which is of no consequence to one's health. The product contains no colourings nor preservatives.  In addition, vanilla sugar is used as a flavouring.