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Casali – the company throughout the ages

At the middle of 19th century, in 1863, possession of the Casali company changed hands to Casali's nephew, Joseph Coloquatti. He renamed the company "J. Casali's nephew “.

After another change of owner the enterprise was sold in 1913 to Adolf Beer. Supported by his three sons, he successfully guided the company through the confusion of the First World War.

The start of confectionery production

The Beer era meant important changes in many areas: during World War I a new building was acquired in 91 Margaretenstraße (5th district of Vienna). Far more important was that the Beers also acquired a company which produced "tartlets" and "liqueur-filled chocolate specialities". The major decision was taken to produce not only spirits and liqueurs as had been the case up to then, but also to start producing confectionery.

At that point people already knew and loved the Chocolate Bananas, "Niggerweichseln" and "Miramare".
Move to the Laxenburger Straße (10th district, Vienna.)

As the company expanded greatly in the 1930s, it was necessary in 1935 to move to new, larger premises in 137-139 Laxenburger Straße. In addition to making spirits, long-life bakery products such as wafers and biscuits, but also boxes of chocolates, liqueur-filled articles, dragees, chocolates and other confectionery specialities were produced.

Casali in the post-war period

Between 1946 and 1948 the buildings which were badly damaged by bombing in World War II, were reconstructed. After the end of World War II, the company was restituted on account of Beers' emigration to Venezuela during the war. As he had already built a new confectionery company in Venezuela, the Casali company sold it.

New owners for a new period

In 1955 Franz Andres, who had founded the Napoli company in 1948, the Casali company and by doing so brought the two brandnames under one roof. From this point in time the intensive modernisation of the company began and Casali-Napoli became the second largest confectionery producer in Austria – just behind its then competition - Josef Manner & Comp AG.

Casali's main focus traditionally lay in the production of spirits, liqueur chocolate-filled chocolate articles, boxes of chocolates, chocolates and also dragees and seasonal articles. Napoli specialised in the production of long-life bakery products such as wafers, biscuits and gingerbread, did however also make a wide variety of Easter and Christmas articles.