Manner Snack Milk Hazelnut in Multipack 5x25g

Manner Snack Milk Hazelnut in Multipack 5x25g
  • 100% Fairtrade cocoa

  • Roasted by us in Vienna
  • Produced without hydrogenated fats
  • Free from artificial colourings and preservatives

The crunchy pleasure in a 5x25g multipack!

The Manner Snack Milk Hazelnut in a 5x25g multipack promises sweet enjoyment in every break. Three layers of crispy wafers with two layers of fine cream guarantee the most delicious time out from everyday life. The combination of delicate milk cream filling, crispy wafers and tasty hazelnut cream ensures enjoyable moments between meals, in study or work breaks, on the go or at any time else.

With the Manner Snack Milk Hazelnut 5x25g, you are perfectly prepared for a little outing with the whole family. Whether at the petting zoo, on a Sunday walk or on a shopping trip - the snack in the multipack is ideal for on-the-go. The 5x25g bulk pack is also great for those who like to plan their week ahead at work/university/school. With a multipack, your week is secured and you can easily enjoy little pink reward moments in between, from Monday to Friday.

Of course, the Manner Snack Milk Hazelnut in the 5x25g multipack is also produced according to the principles of the Manner quality guarantee and sustainable cocoa cultivation.

Nutrition and allergen-related information
ø 100g
Calories529 kcal
of which saturated fat22g
of which sugar34g
Bread units BE
  • dairy free

  • nut free

  • gluten free

  • soy free

  • lactose free

  • egg free