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UTZ zertifizierte Kakaobohnen

Sustainable Ingredients

At the end of 2011, Manner made the decision to positively impact the environment as well as your indulgence by purchasing only UTZ-certified cocoa for all Manner wafer products! This means that we are actively taking responsibility for farmers, their families, and the ecosystem. 

Classic Manner wafers – now containing sustainable cocoa!

Two packs of Manner wafers are eaten every second. For more than 100 years, consumers have been enjoying these bite-sized, tender delights. Since January 2012, cocoa from sustainable sources has been used for Manner wafers and all other Manner products!

What does the UTZ certificate stand for?

UTZ Certified is one of the world’s largest sustainability programs for coffee, cocoa, and tea. The word “UTZ” has its origin in the Mayan culture, the first advanced civilization to cultivate cocoa, and means “good.”

UTZ Certified is a non-profit organization that supports cocoa farmers running sustainable operations. UTZ-certified farmers are trained in business management, socially acceptable working conditions, and environmental management. This helps them to work more efficiently, increase their income, and improve their standard of living, allowing families to send their children to school, for instance. To ensure the quality of the certified cocoa, cocoa farmers and their plantations are regularly inspected by independent experts.

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A sustainable future

Sustainability is very important for Manner - our future depends both on our suppliers and our customers. That is why Manner has decided to use UTZ-certified cocoa to be able to offer all consumers Manner products made from sustainable sources while helping to support sustainable farming.

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Further sustainability measures at Manner